Erotic cinema and cruising in Gothenburg

Discover Gothenburg’s hotest spot


You can easily find it by bus or tram.

We are 5 minutes from the Central Station.

Closest tram/bus stops:


What we offer

  • Private cabins with over 1000 porn videos
  • Public cinemas with large screens
  • Gloryholes
  • Dark room
  • Mattresses
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Large selection of sex toys for sale
  • Coffee, refreshments and sweets for sale

Rules of conduct

  • Use common sense and show respect.
  • What happens in the cruising stays in the cruising.
  • The sale of sexual services, drugs and alcohol is completely prohibited and is cause for suspension.
  • Photography and video recording is prohibited.
  • A NO is always a NO!


The entrance to the erotic cinema and cruising costs 160 SEK.

The receipt is your personal ticket and is valid for re-entry until closing.

Purchased admission is not refundable under any circumstances.

Free entry for visitors from 18 to 23 year on Thursdays & Fridays*

*Be prepared to present valid ID to verify your age

Prices and conditions are not guaranteed and may be subject to change without prior notice.


We offer free parking during our opening hours. Apply for a parking permit at the cash desk.

You will find our car parks on the sides of the building.

The sex shop

We also have a sex shop where you can buy exciting sex toys, condoms and lubricants. Shop at the store when you visit the theater or order online. We make sure you receive your purchase quickly and discreetly.


Is everyone welcome in the erotic cinema / cruising?

As long as you have turned 18 and can verify it if necessary, you are welcome. We welcome all variations of gender, sexual orientation, age, and ethnicity. Our core values are mutual respect and acceptance. We expect our visitors to uphold these values.

We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination!

When is the best time to visit?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict the flow of visitors. There are simply too many factors to take into consideration … Holidays, weather, local events, etc.

We never answer who or how many are inside the cinema.

What is the porn cinema like?

We have seven private cabins with lockable doors. All private cabins are equipped with closable gloryholes. You will also find three sections of public cinema with Gay / Trans and Straight porn films.

It also has two ”standing booths” with gloryholes at an ergonomic height and a dark room for anonymous meetings in the dark.

Soft drinks and candy are available at the counter.

WC in the cinema.

How to i enter the cruising and cinema?

Simple pay for your ticket at the cashier. Once you have received the receipt you are free to enter the cinema and enjoy our movie theater, its facilities and all the wonderful erotic movies that are available. Your receipt is your ticket. Make sure to save it! With it, you are free to leave the cinema and come back later.

Remember that your receipt is personal!

Are there lockers?

We do not have lockers at this time.

We can take care of outerwear and bags. Leave them with the staff at the register.

Do you have a dress code?

You can dress exactly how you want in the movies.

Unfortunately, there are no changing rooms.

Are there condoms and lubricant?

Condoms and lubricants are available for sale. You will also find exciting sex toys in the store!

Can I leave the porn cinema and come back later?

Yes! You can leave and come back later with your receipt. The receipt is personal and is valid as re-entry until closing.

What is the attitude towards buying sexual services?

In Vuxenkul, the purchase of sexual services, as in the rest of society, is strictly prohibited and illegal. We actively work to prevent the purchase of sexual services at our facilities. We work with the human trafficking group in Gothenburg and our hard work on this issue has made prostitution a very small problem in our facilities. 

The purchase or sale of sexual services is strictly prohibited Vuxenkul!

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